It’s National Lipstick Day! (lipstick recommendations from $5 to $38)

Let me first just say that you absolutely don’t NEED to buy any lipstick today. There will be another sale in the future when you either want or need a new lipstick.

But, for those that do want to participate, let’s talk recommendations.

Drugstore Pick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, $4.97 @ Walmart

While this lipstick is technically part of Ulta’s National Lipstick Day promotion ($5.94), it still costs less to buy this lipstick at Walmart ($4.97) or Target ($4.59-$4.99) with no special sale required.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick rum raisin, raisin rage, desert escape swatches medium dark skin
L to R: Revlon rum raisin, raisin rage, and desert escape

This is a classic lipstick that has been sold since the 1950s. I’m not sure there can be higher praise than that. The shade Fire and Ice Debuted in 1952 and the Super Lustrous Line was introduced in 1957. For more details on the formula, I have a review and swatches posted here.

Mid-Range Pick: MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks, $15.00 on Sale

This is a decent discount, but MAC has had 30% off sales before. So, if you are interested in their regular lipstick ($19.00) it may be worth it to hold out for a bigger discount. On the other hand, the more expensive lip products like the Love me Liquid Lip Color ($24.00) and the Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color ($24.00) will give you the best deal right now.

MAC Love Me Liquid Lip Colour Swatches (Bated Breath, E for Effortless and Coffee and Cigs)

You can check out my swatches and review of the MAC Love Me Liquid Lip Colors here. I swatched the shades Bated Breath, Coffee and Cigs, and E for Effortless.

While not my absolute favorite lipstick, I do think that $15.00 is a good price for MAC’s lipstick. I prefer a moisturizing lipstick formula and MAC mattes, satins, and lustres just fall short in that department for me. However, if you need or want something that isn’t moisturizing, but also isn’t drying, then these MAC finishes might be worth a try. I do still tend to wear a lot of MAC lipsticks simply because the color range is unmatched. I have a much easier time finding flattering colors in MAC’s range than in other brands.

The Love me lipstick finish (bullet version) is an exception, it is incredibly moisturizing and I would definitely recommend that formula. I also find the cremesheen formula to be moisturizing, but after discovering that I have a wheat allergy I decided to stop using that finish.

For swatches of the regular MAC bullet lipsticks, here are links to swatches I have:

Indie Brand Pick: Propa Beauty Lipstick, $7.20 on Sale

Propa Beauty Luminous Satin Lipstick in Prime Time Swatch Medium Dark Skin
Propa Beauty Luminous Satin Lipstick in Prime Time

I recently reviewed these lipsticks that usually retail for $12.00. Although I wish the packaging was a bit heavier, the formula is top-notch. For more details on the formula and swatches of Prime Time, Profits, Moxie, Victress, and Her Magic, check out my full review here.

High-End Pick: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color, $28.50 @ Nordstrom

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Swatches
Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color

I’m pretty sure that Bobbi Brown as a brand falls into the mid-range category. However, considering the regular retail price of $38.00 for this lipstick, I figured it would be ok to call this high-end. If you want to splurge and love some good packaging, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this pick. It is a solid formula with great pigmentation. For more details, you can check out my full review with swatches of the shades Bahama Brown, Downtown Plum, and Pink Buff.

Have you purchased anything for National Lipstick Day? Do you have any lipstick recommendations for the rest of us? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.

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