Does Really Work? (Foundation Shade Matching Website) is a website that uses science, technology, and engineering math to determine foundation shade matches. But does it work? Let’s talk about it.

Estee Lauder Double Wear 4W4 Hazel vs MAC Studio Fix Fluid C8
Estee Lauder 4W4 Hazel vs MAC C8
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Beauty Sales: Let’s talk about where you can save money and why there is no rush

As I mentioned in my Makeup Low Buys and Decluttering post, this discussion on beauty sales was originally posted on my old blog (Sensitive Beauty Blog) on October 25, 2017. I wanted to give it a home here on this website because it will always be relevant.  It may be especially helpful now with the numerous Memorial Day sales soon to come if they haven’t started already.

Discussion on beauty sales, makeup rehab, makeup low buy

I don’t think sales on beauty are as rare as it may seem, so I wanted to talk about it.  Hopefully, if you are looking to save money this will help you find some avenues that would work for the beauty products that you like to purchase.  I also wanted to talk about it because it seems like people advise others to shop sales because they don’t happen often and I just don’t think that is true.  I think that years ago sales may have been rare, but that is no longer the case. In general, I find that 15-20% off sales are not as rare.  25% off and up are the types of sales that I’d look for if you do want to shop just because there is a sale.

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Makeup Low Buys and Decluttering

This was originally posted on my old blog (Sensitive Beauty Blog) on May 5, 2018. Since it was still getting some good traffic before I took it down, I wanted to give it a home here on this website in case it may be helpful to more people. I mention the age of the post specifically because if you follow Beauty YouTube you will know that decluttering and low buys are not a new trend. I doubt it was a new trend in 2018 either, but it was new to me at the time.

Also try to keep in mind that I am a beauty blogger and have been since 2013, so the amount I own isn’t typical. The way that I purchase products also isn’t always typical. I am however feeling that my beauty blogging days are numbered, so my purchasing habits should continue to decrease as my posts start to decrease. Enough disclaimer talk, let’s get into it.

Discussion on Makeup Decluttering and Low Buys (lipstick declutter 2021), makeup rehab
Discussion on Makeup Decluttering and Low Buys (lipstick declutter 2021), makeup rehab

One of the new trends in the beauty community seems to be not only decluttering, but also using decluttering as a tool to kick-start a low buy.  As I was sorting through my thoughts and thinking about what I learned about both decluttering and being on a “low buy,” I decided to write them down and share it with you.  I put low buy in quotes because I don’t really consider myself on one anymore and I didn’t start the low buy because I needed to control spending.  I originally decided to slow down on purchases because I was buying things solely for blogging purposes and got very overwhelmed.  I finally realized at some point that if I just purchased and used what I wanted for myself that I would still have something to blog about.  I also was just getting into makeup when I started blogging (2013) and so a lot of what I was buying was me figuring out what worked and didn’t work for me.  Now that I’m out of the experimental phase and know what I like, it has been naturally easy to buy less because I already have the things that I like.

It is impossible to write this kind of topic without it sounding like you’re expressing rules, but keep in mind that you should keep the advice that works for you personally and disregard what doesn’t.

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The Monday Edit, May 3, 2021

In today’s edit, I’m talking about natural vs synthetic brushes, routines, and showcasing some makeup videos for products that I’ve been interested in lately.

Articles to Read

Natural vs Synthetich Makeup Brushes by Frends Beauty – Lately I’ve been doing some makeup brush research as I try to decide if I want to buy more natural hair brushes or stick to synthetic from now on. I personally see a difference in application. I’m not saying that synthetic brushes don’t apply product well, but I do feel that natural hair applies it better. My issue is upkeep and care. It is just easier to care for synthetic brushes and I’m not as concerned about messing them up. This article from Frends beauty helped me understand why I might be getting better results from natural hair brushes, especially for powder products. If you are not familiar with them, Frends Beauty is a beauty supply store for professional hair and makeup artistry supplies. While they are open to the public, their expertise has been gained by mostly serving professionals since 1940.

The Benefit of Routines – As someone who often thinks I’m boring for doing mostly the same things every day, it was nice to read about how helpful routines can be for both productivity and mental wellness.

Videos to Watch

There have been a lot of new releases lately that I found myself looking into, but ultimately not buying. So I figured I’d share some videos that helped me make that decision in case anyone else had their eye on the same products.

Hermes Silky Blushes from Mo Makeup Mo Beauty
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