MAC Rosy Does It Blush and What Clout! Eyeshadow (swatches)

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When I decided to post about these products I had no idea a MAC sale was on the horizon, but as luck would have it, one started yesterday. Right now on** loyalty members can get 25% off their purchases (no code needed). It is free to join the loyalty program but if you don’t want to join you can still get 15% off your purchase. The sale ends at 3:00am EST on 3/15/2022.

If you are a MAC fan like I am, then you’ve likely also seen them do better sales than this one. So it may be worth it to you to hold out for 30-40% off which we did see them do last year.

I purchased a new Glow Play Blush and a Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyeshadow this past summer when I made my way out to the Cosmetics Company Store (CCO) to do some shopping. If you aren’t familiar with the CCO (Cosmetic Company Store), it is a discount outlet owned and operated by Estee Lauder Companies. You can find several of their brands like MAC, Too Faced, Clinique, Origins, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, and of course Estee Lauder being stocked at a discounted price. Sometimes the inventory is discontinued and other times it is just overstock. If you are not sure if you are near a CCO, you can check here (Tanger outlets) and here (Simon Premium outlets) to find out. If you have one near you, it can be dangerous 😂, but it is definitely worth checking out. Just to give you an idea of the deals the Glow Play Blushes retail for $31.00 and I paid $12.00 for mine at the CCO.

MAC Glow Play Blush in Rosy Does It, $31.00**

MAC describes Rosy Does It as a jewel tone purple.

MAC Glow Play Blush in Rosy Does It Swatch on Medium Dark Skin
MAC Glow Play Blush in Rosy Does It

I have already swatched the shades Heat Index and Groovy and done a full review of this formula (check that out here). The formula of Rosy Does It is the same as Heat Index. It is easy to apply, buildable, and leaves a radiant finish. On my skin tone (Estee lauder 4W4/MAC C8) I have to be careful with this shade. If I build Rosy Does It up too much it starts to look like a bruise. But if I apply it lightly I get more of the pink that is in the shade. It is definitely more purple than pink though, and the purple gets more intense as it builds.

MAC Glow Play Blush in Rosy Does It Swatch on Medium Dark Skin
MAC Glow Play Blush in Rosy Does It

MAC Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyshadow in What Clout!, $9.00** (refill pan)

MAC describes What Clout! as a light cognac.

MAC Eyeshadow in What Clout! Swatch on Medium Dark Skin
MAC Eyeshadow in What Clout!

While this formula is softer to the touch than a classic matte eyeshadow from MAC, it still has the same buildable nature. The brand claims that this formula is ultra creamy and I don’t experience that at all. However, I do think it feels velvety and soft. What Clout! is very blendable as the brand claims but I haven’t noticed the diffused or blurred effect it’s supposed to give. That could be because this shade is very close to my skin tone, but who knows. I think this is a decent matte formula, but if you don’t like traditional MAC mattes, I don’t think this formula (at least for What Clout!) will do anything to change your mind. I actually feel like the newer MAC mattes that I’ve purchased in the last couple of years feel creamier than this formula. I believe that MAC eyeshadows aren’t pressed as firmly as they used to be, but that is just my opinion. MAC by no means makes creamy matte eyeshadows, that is only in comparison to this formula in particular.

MAC Eyeshadow in What Clout! Swatch on Medium Dark Skin
MAC Eyeshadow in What Clout!

MAC What Clout!, $9.00** vs Texture, $8.00**

Mac describes Texture as a peachy-brown with shimmer.

MAC What Clout! and Texture Eyeshadow Swatches on Medium Dark Skin
MAC What Clout! (left) and Texture (right)

I thought this was a good color reference since so many MAC lovers are likely familiar with the shade. They look more different in the pan than they are in application. Texture is redder and of course, it has shimmer running through it, but the tones are very close to each other. When applied sheerly, Texture can be as light as What Clout. However, if you want to build intensity and depth, What Clout! can’t build to be as dark as Texture. I’m not trying to imply that they are dupes, but as usual, I just like to give a point of reference.

MAC What Clout! and Texture Eyeshadow Swatches on Medium Dark Skin
MAC What Clout! (left) and Texture (right)

Again, the sale is on** and ends at 3:00am EST on 3/15/2022. Here are the exclusions: Offer not applicable to and applicable purchase amount does not include the purchase of eGift Cards; Gift Cards; Customize Palette Tool, Good Buys, Giftwrap, Custom Kits, Mini M∙A∙C, Pro Palette Compacts & Inserts, Value Kits, Viva Glam, Wild Cherry Collection, Make it Black, POWDER KISS LIPSTICK / VALENTINE’S DAY, M·A·CStack Mascara, select limited-edition products, select professional tools, Makeup Services; sales tax; shipping and handling; items noted as not eligible; items that are not in stock at the time of purchase; pending purchases or purchases made prior to the start of the offer or after the offer ends.

If you are going to be shopping this sale, I have tons of MAC content that you can check out for swatches and reviews. I have an index that lists every post I have sorted by brand. You can find that here 👉🏽 Brands A-Z.

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