NARS Spring 2023 Orgasm Collection Swatches

NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette, Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad, and Orgasm Rush Multiple Swatches
NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette, Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad, and Orgasm Rush Multiple

If you know NARS then you are not surprised that they have released yet another Orgasm Collection. However, if you are new to the brand, let me welcome you to business as usual for NARS. Clearly, this works for them or they wouldn’t continue to do it. Every brand has its claim to fame and the Orgasm powder blush (and every variation on it that they can come up with) is NARS’ golden goose.

With this Spring 2023 collection, NARS has ditched the matte black packaging in favor of shiny pale pink. The packaging doesn’t feel as luxe as the matte black in my opinion, but it is nice. It isn’t super lightweight (so it doesn’t feel cheap) but it doesn’t have much heft to it either. I think the packaging looks nice, but it’s not a show-stopper.

I always stay tuned in to the NARS new releases and their collections are always exciting for me (even with the repetition lol). As you’ll be able to tell from my images, these pictures were taken in Ulta. I think this is a nice collection and I wasn’t disappointed with anything in terms of quality, the options were just too similar to things I already own and love. Even though I decided not to make a purchase, I thought it’d still be fun to share some swatches with you. Enjoy!

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NARS Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad, $45**

My swatches are the opposite of how they are sitting in the compact (the shades on the right in the compact are on the left in my swatches). In the compact, the shades are Swinger (top left), Orgasm X (bottom left), Orgasm (top right), and Orgasm Rush (bottom right). The swatches are labeled below, so hopefully, it’s not too confusing.

NARS Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad Swatches and Orgasm Rush Multiple Swatches
NARS Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad and Orgasm Rush Multiple

The blushes in the NARS Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad** are a different formula than the standard powder blush.  Although the texture feels kind of in between a powder and a baked formula, going by the ingredients (Chondrus Crispus extract in particular) this is a baked gelee formula.  In my opinion, Orgasm X in this palette is more muted than the blush single. I have done a review on the Orgasm X blush single that you can check out by clicking here. Orgasm Rush also reminds me of the blush single in the shade savage, although I think savage has more of a red undertone.

NARS The Multiple – Orgasm Rush, $39**

The NARS Multiple in the shade Orgasm Rush** was a big disappointment. What makes this disappointing is that it is a deeper tone than the classic Orgasm shade** that is also featured in this collection. So if Orgasm works for lighter skin tones, I would have thought that Orgasm Rush would be good for deeper skin tones. It took me 4 layers to get that swatch you see above. Of course, if worn as a blush it would be more sheered out than this but it is also supposed to work as a lip color. So for those with an even deeper skin tone than mine, I’d worry about being able to get this to show up. For those with lighter skin tones, I’d think that the sheer nature of this product won’t matter as much. Swatches can’t tell you everything, so hopefully, this product works better in the application. It is also much more orange on me than I was expecting, especially when compared to the tone of the Orgasm Rush that is in the Four Play Blush Quad.

NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad Swatches
NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette and Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad

NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette, $49**

NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette
NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches top row, left to right: Hotwired, High Speed, Orgasm

Swatches middle row, left to right: Seven Heaven, Seduced, Reckless

Swatches bottom row, left to right: Push It, Faster Pussycat, Galapagos

The formula in the NARS Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette** seems to be in line with the NARS single eyeshadow formula that I’ve used in the past as well as swatching their newer eyeshadow palettes (like the Summer Unrated) in store. The eyeshadow palette isn’t as pink on me as I was expecting since the palette is centered around the peachy pink shade of orgasm. That isn’t a bad thing, it is just overall warmer than I expected.

What are your thoughts? Are you interested in this collection?

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  1. It’s so interesting that even though I know I can’t use the face palette, I’m still so drawn to it because of how pretty it is. lol. Nars makes such visually appealing pressed powder products!

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