NARS Orgasm X Blush

NARS has their 20% off friends and family sale going on right now. If you are in the market for any of their products you still have time to shop until the sale ends on May 18, 2021 at 3:00 AM EST.

I want to quickly mention my issues with ordering from NARS. I have not heard other complaints about ordering directly from their website, but since I have had issues I wanted to tell you my experience. The customer service department and their responsiveness to issues have typically been great. The problem is how many issues I’ve had. Out of the 4 orders I have placed directly on their website, I’ve had issues with 3 of them. One order was missing an item, one order was damaged, and one was lost. The lost order was the one time I didn’t have a good customer service experience and had to talk to someone different in order to get a replacement order. Again, I have always received replacements or refunds (when necessary) but the repeat issues are too much hassle for me to try ordering directly from them again. Clearly, not everyone will have issues, but I thought it was worth telling you about.

Anyways, I recently received a small (1.2g) Orgasm X blush as a sample on a recent order, so I thought I’d share a swatch. The regular size NARS Blushes retail for $30.00** (4.8g) and they offer a mini size for $16.00** (2.5g).

NARS Orgasm X Blush, $30.00**

NARS Orgasm X Blush Swatch on medium dark skin (sample size)
NARS Orgasm X Blush (sample, 1.2g)

NARS describes this shade as a shimmering deep coral with gold pearl and I think they missed the mark on that description. At least on me, the shade is more pink than coral, and I wouldn’t say there is anything deep about it. I definitely see the gold pearl, so maybe this does actually appear to be a deep coral on other skin tones. The shade is buildable, but the more you build the more that gold pearl starts to accentuate texture. So technically, I could get more color from it, but it never builds to anything deeper.

NARS Orgasm X Blush Swatch on Medium Dark Skin
NARS Orgasm X Blush

If you are interested in shopping the sale, I have more NARS swatches and reviews that you can check out by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “NARS Orgasm X Blush

  1. I had the same observation about Orgasm X. It’s very much a pink rather than deep coral on me. I prefer to wear a light layer and not build up the color as well. I’m glad it’s at least more wearable as a blush on me than the original Orgasm shade. Also, thank you for mentioning the ordering process when dealing with Nars directly. I haven’t ordered from their website before, and it will definitely make me think twice about it in the future.

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    1. This should have been a version of Orgasm for dark skin. Well at least that is what I was hoping the release was supposed to be about.

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      1. Now that I’m revisiting your MAC extra dimension blush review, I agree with your assessment about Orgasm X. it’s less coral (ie. cheeky bits) and more pinky (ie. sweets for my sweet) please let me know if that is a more accurate comparison!

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        1. I’m not sure I answered your original thought of being stuck between orgasm x and cheeky bits. Between those 2 particular shades and considering you mentioned textured skin I would get the Nars fourplay quad since the orgasm x that is in the palette should be more forgiving with texture. Cheeky bits is more metallic and also more difficult to pick up on a brush than some of the other extra dimension blush shades.


  2. Hi Nikki! I’m stuck between Orgasm X and MAC extra dimension blush in Cheeky Bits. I’m an NC35 or fenty 320 for reference. How would you say the two compare in terms of color, sheen/shimmer and general observations for wear on textured skin?

    I also considered getting the NARS fourplay and orgasm on the beach palettes to avoid compulsively buying several of the MAC’s including hushed tone and faux sure (which I think have comparable shades?) but I did see that you were disappointed with the wear of Orgasm rush and Orgasm X (compared to the blush single) and so I would like your thoughts on those as well too if you don’t mind?

    thank you in advance!

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    1. You’re absolutely right, orgasm x is pinker than cheeky bits. At least on my skin tone, cheeky bits is an orange shade and orgasm x and sweets for my sweet are pink. In terms of accentuating texture, the orgasm X single blush was the worse for me. The Nars fourplay quad, however, is a baked gelee formula and should (keyword) have a smoother finish on the skin. I haven’t tested that one out on my face so I can’t say for sure how orgasm rush and orgasm x from the quad perform. The Mac extra dimension blush in faux sure is one of my go to blushes and it looks nice over texture on me and I do tend to have acne scars on my cheeks. Hushed tone is another one that I used to wear a lot without issues. They are going to accentuate more texture than a matte or more satin blush, so just keep that in mind. If you do want that formula mac has a 25% off right now (if you have an online account). I know it’s not as cost effective as getting a quad but it’s a beautiful formula. It does have a sheen but I never see any discernable mica particles with faux sure and hushed tone but some of the other shades are more metallic. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂


      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, Nikki! I just took advantage of the MAC sale and placed my order for Faux Sure! This is my first foray into non-matte blushes, and I saw in your review that FS and Hushed Tone are both less metallic than the other shades, so I feel like it would be a great place to start! I also got the burnt pepper blush for good measure 😉 ol’ faithful!

        I’m not sure if you’ve had the chance to explore or review the Dior Mitzah 10 eyeshadow palette, but I placed the order after watching Alicia Archer’s review on youtube! I’m not a huge eyeshadow gal, especially for daily makeup, but the appeal of an array of warm, black-girl-friendly face shades made me cave in! I thought it would make a great all-in-one palette for traveling. I’m sure others would love to hear your thoughts on it as well, I know I would! ❤

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        1. You’re welcome, I’m happy to help! I hope faux sure works out for you. I have seen the Dior Mitzah palette and it does look beautiful. I’m more into single eyeshadows and small palettes, so I’ll be passing on this one. If Alicia gave it her stamp of approval, I’m sure it’s amazing. She’s never steered me wrong. Thank you for taking the time to comment and ask questions.


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