The Fall Makeup Edit (2020)

MAC raizin Blush, NARS Savage blush, NARS Noumea and Guayaquil Eyeshadow, Revlon Raisin Rage, Chanel Antoinette, Beccay Maui Nights, Clinique WN 82 Latte, Chanel pourpre profound, Dior Sienna (swatches on medium dark skin)

I decided to pick out some products to focus on this season. I don’t usually care whether a particular shade coordinates with the season, but I wanted to try something different this year. This assortment went in a somewhat monochromatic direction, which is a look I don’t mind. But I’ll see how long it lasts before I want to swap any of these out.

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Foundation – Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer (WN 82 Latte)**

For my dry skin, this is the best-looking finish on my skin that I have come across. The brand claims a natural matte finish, which I always assume means satin, and I would agree with that. I have no issues with wear time, but due to my dry skin, I hardly ever do. While it does last throughout the day, it is not transfer-proof or resistant. I have worn it on its own, but it transfers easily. So I prefer to set it with powder. The powders that I do not find to change the beautiful finish are the Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder** (reviewed here) and the now discontinued MAC Next to Nothing Powder. However, any setting powder you prefer will work if you do not mind a more matte finish. This foundation is one of my favorites that I have been using for over two years now and have repurchased.

Bronzer – Becca Sunlit Bronzer (Maui Nights)

Another product that I have been using for years now. The Becca Sunlit Bronzer is my favorite bronzer formula. It makes you look healthy with a slight sheen to it, but it does not look sparkly or glittery. For a swatch of the shade Ipanema sun and some comparisons to other bronzers, you can check out a bronzer roundup post that I published back in July.

Becca Sunlit Bronzer Maui Nights Swatch on medium dark skin
Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Maui Nights

Blush – NARS Savage** and MAC Raizin**

NARS describes Savage as a shimmering red-brown. When applied to the face, you can see that reddish tone more than the way it swatches. The finish gives a healthy sheen and does not accentuate any texture. The NARS blush formula is buildable, so I think it could work for several different skin tones. In my experience, NARS blush applies better with natural hair brushes. They tend to apply splotchy when I try to use synthetic brushes. If you like NARS blushes, I also have a swatch of another new shade (dominate) that you can check out.

MAC describes Raizin as a golden reddish-brown. This has been the ultimate go-to blush for me since 2014. I find that I can sheer this out beautifully when my skin tone is lighter. Then when I’m darker in the summer, no adjustment is needed. For me, this blush goes with every eyeshadow and lip color combo. Raizin is the perfect neutral for me.

NARS Savage Blush Swatch and MAC Raizin Blush Swatch on medium dark skin
Left: NARS Savage Blush | Right: MAC Raizin Blush

Eyeshadow – NARS Singles**, Chanel Pourpre Profond, and Dior Sienna (limited edition)

I prefer eyeshadows that have a firm press in the pan, without excess powder dusting up when used. The NARS eyeshadow formulation suits that preference while still being easy to pick up on a brush. The pigmentation is good enough to show up on my skin tone but is easy to blend. I’ve also posted a swatch of the shade Fez that you can check out.

The Chanel Cream shadow formula was the first cream eyeshadow that I discovered that didn’t make my eyes look dry and crepey. I find that it works best with either the included brush or your finger. Although the formula dries down fairly quickly, it works great alone or as a base for other colors. I have worn this formula with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance (my go-to primer) without any issues. I have also used it on its own without a primer with no creasing.

I’m usually a fan of the Dior eyeshadow formula. It is one of those products that seems to work for me with little effort. This version was limited edition, but the Holiday and seasonal releases are typically the same formula if you are interested.

Lipstick – Revlon Raisin Rage** and Chanel Antoinette**

The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are still some of the best lipsticks on the market. If you like a traditional bullet lipstick that feels comfortable and moisturizing but still has good pigment, check these out. The Superlustrous line comes in several different finishes (cream, pearl, and a separate matte line), comes in an array of colors, and has no scent. I have more swatches of this line that you can check out here and here.

The Chanel Rouge Coco (Ultra Hydrating Lip Color) lipstick is a cream formula with a slight pearl finish to it (described by the brand as a luminous shine). I wouldn’t call it moisturizing, but I do not find it to dry out my lips at all. Despite the pearl finish, it does not accentuate my lip lines, which can be a problem for me. It does have a scent, but I don’t find that it lingers for very long once it is applied. I have a full review on this formula as well as a swatch of the shade Maggy that you can check out here.

Revlon Super Lustrous Raisin Rage Swatch and Chanel Rouge Coco Antoinette Swatch on medium dark skin
Left: Revlon Raisin Rage | Right: Chanel Antoinette

Do you have any products that you like to focus on during the fall season? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “The Fall Makeup Edit (2020)

  1. I’ve always been curious about Maui Nights from Becca but for some reason, I never bought it. That swatch looks so pretty! I might look into it again! Even if it doesn’t work for me as a bronzer, I imagine it would make a pretty blush too.


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