Sleeper Hits, Vol 2: MAC Bougie Babe, Dare to Diva, and Hollywood Heroine Eyeshadows (with alternatives)

MAC Bougie Babe, Dare To Diva, and Hollywood Heroine Eyeshadows Dupes Swatches
MAC Bougie Babe (matte brown), Dare To Diva (reddish-burgundy), and Hollywood Heroine (warm purple)

There are just some products that don’t wow you and you end up not reaching for them. Sleeper hits are the products that once got pushed aside, but for whatever reason are now used quite often. If you like this kind of content, I have two other versions that you can check out by clicking these links: Sleeper Hits: MAC Next to Nothing Bronzer and MAC x Selena La Layenda Highlight and Sleeper Hits, Vol 3: NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder Pressed (Crystal Translucent). I also have a couple of products that I plan to cover in the future, so stay tuned for those as well.

This is basically a spin on shopping my stash. My hope is that it helps you think of ways to take inspiration from what you see other people using and find a way to recreate that with what you own. Today I’m going to be talking about some limited edition eyeshadows from MAC. Bougie Babe was released with the 2020 Loud and Clear collection, while Dare to Diva and Hollywood Heroine were released with the 2019 MAC in Monochrome Collection.

Since everything that I am sharing was limited edition, I’ll be offering you some alternatives from my own stash as well as some products I found by using Temptalia’s swatch catalog (love her website!).

First, let’s take a look at the swatches of my limited edition shades next to the alternatives I found in my own stash.

MAC Bougie Babe, Dare To Diva, and Hollywood Heroine Eyeshadows Dupes Swatches
MAC Bougie Babe (top left), Dare To Diva (top middle), and Hollywood Heroine (top right) – alternatives on the bottom row
  • MAC Bougie Babe (top left)
  • MAC Dare to Diva (top middle)
  • MAC Hollywood Heroine (top right)
  • NARS Noumea (bottom left)
  • NARS Mulberry (bottom middle)
  • NARS Gold Souk mixed with Makeup Geek Mystical (bottom right)
NARS Voyager Mini Quartz Palette, NARS Noumea Single Eyeshadow, Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows
NARS Voyageur Mini Quartz Palette (top), NARS Noumea Single Eyeshadow (bottom right), and Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows (bottom left)

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MAC Loud and Clear Collection, Bougie Babe

Bougie Babe is a reddish-brown matte. It is somewhere between being a mid-tone and being a dark shade. It can be applied lightly to be used as a transition shade but it can also be built up for a richer deeper tone.

MAC Bougie Babe and NARS Noumea Eyeshadows Dupes Swatches
MAC Bougie Babe (left) and NARS Noumea (right)

Bougie Babe Shop my Stash Alternative: NARS Noumea, $19.00**

The closest alternative that I have is from NARS. NARS describes Noumea as a sienna but I would take it a step further and call it a burnt sienna since it is reddish-brown. They aren’t identical, but on my skin tone, they serve the same function when used as transition shades. NARS Noumea can be built up to appear darker, but not to the same level the MAC shade can achieve.

Bougie Babe Window Shopping Alternative: Sydney Grace Solomon, $5.25

Sydney Grace describes Solomon as a deep red-brown matte. This is the closest option that I felt would give a similar look to MAC Bougie Babe and NARS Noumea.

MAC in Monochrome Collection, Dare to Diva

Dare to Diva is a reddish-burgundy with some smokiness to it. I actually don’t like this shade very much when worn by itself. But at some point, I discovered that when layered underneath the MAC foiled eyeshadow in Sand Tropez it creates a more flattering color on me. This combination has since become one of my favorite pairings. So while I don’t use it on its own, it has become a go-to for me. It is a good reminder that if given time and some experimentation we might like things when used in different ways.

NARS Mulberry Eyeshadows and MAC Dare To Diva Dupes Swatches
NARS Mulberry Eyeshadows (left) and MAC Dare To Diva (right)

Dare to Diva Shop my Stash Alternative: NARS Mulberry (from Quartz Voyageur Palette, $32.00 @ Sephora**)

NARS Mulberry is described as a true cranberry, so it lacks that smoky element you can get from MAC Dare to Diva. I actually like this about it since I find it brightens up my face. I’m not suggesting you buy this palette if you are looking for a dupe for this one shade. I just hope to encourage the thought process of shopping your own stash for similar colors and this is a similar color that I personally have. If you are interested in the NARS Voyageur Palette, I have a review posted here.

Dare to Diva Window Shopping Alternative: Sydney Grace Forever Enough, $6.25

Sydney Grace describes Forever Enough as a medium burgundy pink with a satin finish. On the website, it is listed under their pressed pigment section. I do think that this shade will likely look lighter since it has more pink to it, but it definitely gives me a similar vibe.

MAC in Monochrome Collection, Hollywood Heroine

This shade is the warmest purple I have in my collection so it really stands out as a special shade to me.

MAC Hollywood Heroine, NARS Gold Souk, and Makeup Geek Mystical Foiled Eyeshadow Swatches
MAC Hollywood Heroine (left), NARS Gold Souk (top right), and Makeup Geek Mystical Foiled Eyeshadow (bottom right)

Hollywood Heroine Shop my Stash Alternative: NARS Gold Souk (from Quartz Voyageur Palette, $32.00 @ Sephora**) mixed with Makeup Geek Mystical Foiled Eyeshadow, $8.49

If you like a deep purple but don’t like the warmth, then using the shade from the NARS palette on its own will be enough. But to get a similar tone I have mixed it with the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow in the shade mystical to match the warmth of MAC Hollywood Heroine. As I mentioned, I’m not suggesting anyone needs to purchase anything to dupe the MAC shade. These are just the items I personally own that can give me a similar shade. If you like the color of Hollywood Heroine, then Makeup Geek Mystical is a good alternative on its own, but it is less purple and more berry in tone. I do get creasing with the Makeup Geek shade so that is something to keep in mind.

Hollywood Heroine Window Shopping Alternative: Sydney Grace Awake, $5.25

Syndey Grace describes Awake as a purple with warm undertones and it is listed under the shimmer eyeshadows on the website. This really does give me the same vibe as Hollywood Heroine. Mine is starting to dry out and the texture has started to feel different so I am actually keeping this Sydney Grace shade in mind for myself.

I was already mildly interested in trying out some Sydney Grace eyeshadows but putting this post together may be a tipping point for me. They had such a nice shade selection and I hear nothing but good things about them. Anyway, my alternatives may not be something you own or even practical for you to purchase but I hope it got you thinking about digging back into what you own. My ultimate goal here is to share what I’ve been enjoying and maybe help you out along the way. I did a post about continuing to show love to your limited edition and discontinued items, so if you need encouragement to do just that, please check it out.

Have you discovered any unexpected favorites lately?

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4 thoughts on “Sleeper Hits, Vol 2: MAC Bougie Babe, Dare to Diva, and Hollywood Heroine Eyeshadows (with alternatives)

  1. What a great post idea! I feel like I’ve had some sleeper hits too, but I can’t remember them at the moment. It’s a funny coincidence that you’re thinking of getting a few Sydney Grace eyeshadows, because my next scheduled post is actually about Temptalia’s collab palettes with Sydney Grace! I also brought a few of SG’s shadows in my custom Z palette so I could get more use out of them. If anything, SG singles are kind of my version of a sleeper hit!

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    1. Thank you! I definitely look forward to your thoughts on the Temptalia palettes. There have been such mixed reviews it will be nice for me to get your perspective.

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