MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme Incinerated (swatch)

If you caught my post about MAC’s new release of eyeshadows back in March then you know I was on the fence about trying anything else from the collection.  MAC sent me four eyeshadows and I was able to try them out ahead of the official launch.  I decided not to purchase any of the matte or frost finishes but wanted to try out the new Dazzleshadow Extreme** formula.  I chose the shade incinerated because it looked similar to Mac antiqued which I wanted to replace anyway because it is old.  I took the swatch photos at two slightly different angles so you can see how the shade shifts depending on the way light hits it.

MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme Incinerated swatch on medium dark skin
MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme Incinerated

MAC describes incinerated as a brown with red pearl.**  When I swatch this it reminds me of Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows but with a slightly less emollient/creamy texture.  That is where that comparison ends.

I’ve tried applying with a brush and with my fingers and I just don’t like this texture, I find that it crumbles.  I have gotten the best results by picking up the pigment with a finger and then smoothing it out on the back of my hand before applying it to my eyes.  With a brush, it barely picks up any product and then it falls all over your face while applying.  To make matters worse, the fallout does not wipe away easily but is rather difficult to remove.  If you like to do your face makeup first, this could get frustrating.  This color also seems to have a black base, which makes it look splotchy in some places when you look up close.  If you are at a normal viewing distance it does look fine, but I don’t find it to be worth the hassle.

Update July 8, 2021: If you are interested, I have also done a review on the shade Couture Copper, that you can check out by clicking here. I had a little less trouble with that shade.

Mac Incinerated is one of ten shades of the Dazzleshadow Extreme eyeshadow line and is available as pictured (in a refill pan) for $9.00** and in a compact for $21.00 at**  You have to have a palette to store the eyeshadow if you decide to get the refill pan form.  MAC sells empty containers in various sizes for this purpose.**  The magnet that MAC uses is not compatible with other empty palettes on the market.  If you don’t want to buy MAC’s version of the empty palette, you’ll need to add a magnet or buy the eyeshadow in the compact version.

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