MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme in Couture Copper (Swatch)

The CCO (Cosmetic Company Store Outlet) was having a great sale, as they always do, so I took full advantage. I decided to give the MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme formula** one more chance, so I picked the shade Couture Copper to try out. I had previously tried out the shade incinerated and didn’t have a good experience. But when I saw these on sale at the CCO, I really wanted to try again to see if my issues were with the shade and not the overall formula. This shopping trip was back over Memorial Day weekend, so I’ve had some time to give this a good shot.

MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme, $9 for a refill pan** and $21 for a compact**

MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme in Couture Copper Swatch on medium dark skin
MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme in Couture Copper

I’m happy to say that this shade does perform better than the incinerated. I’m still not sure I love the formula, because it still takes some finessing and fallout can be an issue. I think that it is best applied with fingers, although a brush will work with this shade. Using a brush it takes more effort to build up and there is more fallout. The fallout, when applied with fingers, is very minimal but it does stick to the face and can be harder to sweep away. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this was hard to work with (like incinerated was), but I just felt like I had to be careful and spend some time building. The extra effort to avoid fallout (since it doesn’t wipe away easily) is just something that isn’t always necessary for me with other shadows.

This formula does have more glitz and shine than MAC’s regular shimmers, but the brand is promising “one-swipe saturation” and I just don’t get that. I do think that it is nicely pigmented, but to get the saturation you see in the pan, it definitely takes me more than one swipe. Actually, don’t swipe, pat. For me atleast, swiping was messy and didn’t build well. Patting motions work much better for me with this dazzleshadow extreme formula** in both of the shades that I tried.

MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme in Couture Copper Swatch on Medium Dark Skin
MAC Dazzleshadow Extreme in Couture Copper

Lucky for me, I only paid about $3.00 to try out Couture Copper. Can’t beat that!

If you aren’t familiar with the CCO (Cosmetic Company Store), it is a discount outlet owned and operated by Estee Lauder Companies. You can find several of their brands like MAC, Too Faced, Clinique, Origins, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford and of course Estee Lauder being stocked at a discounted price. Sometimes the inventory is discontinued and other times it is just overstock. If you are not sure if you are near a CCO, you can check here (Tanger outlets) and here (Simon Premium outlets) to find out.

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