Recipe Remix: Banana Bread

Recipe Remix is about taking inspiration from a recipe and making it your own.

We’ve all been there.  You find a recipe you want to make, but you realize you have all but one ingredient.

So today’s recipe remix is of a banana bread recipe.  I had overripe bananas and I was determined to make banana bread that I could actually enjoy without guilt or allergy pills.  I found a great banana bread recipe from The Pretty Bee Blog (great site, please check it out).

I knew I had all the ingredients, but after gathering everything together to make the recipe, I realized that someway, somehow, I don’t own an 8×5 loaf pan.

Ok, I know why, after finding out I was allergic to egg whites, wheat, and cow’s milk, I stopped making meatloaf.  That was the only thing I ever used that pan for.  So when we were in the process of moving and getting rid of what was not needed, it got the boot.

I was determined, so I just decided to make the recipe in a square brownie pan and cook it for less time.

Vegan gluten-free banana bread (wheat free, egg free, dairy free)

I honestly didn’t think it would be a big deal and it really wasn’t.  I think the recipe turned out great.  The recipe also calls for a gluten-free flour mix and recommends a blend from Namaste.  I used Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 gluten-free baking Flour because it is what I had.  The ingredient mix is fairly similar and I didn’t have any issues.  The base of the flour mix is rice flour and it definitely doesn’t closely mimic wheat flour.  What I’m saying is, you will notice the difference in flour texture.  If you are gluten-free due to celiac disease, have other stomach issues, or are allergic to wheat like I am, you are probably used to the different texture.

vegan gluten free banana bread (wheat free, egg free, dairy free)

One downside I found with this recipe is that it doesn’t reheat well the next day the way traditional banana bread does.  On the upside, that helps the waistline.  Well unless you eat it all the first day.

I have not listed the full recipe because The Pretty Bee Blog deserves the website traffic after creating and testing such a great recipe.  Please check it out if you’re interested.  She also talks about substitutions you can make and gives a lot of tips.

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