MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review ($10 Off Foundation Sale Going on Now)

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (C8, NC45)
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in C8 and NC45

MAC is running a promotion for $10 off of foundations and it ends at 3:00am EST on 9/28/2021. No promo code is required, the prices are already marked down on the website. So if you need to restock or have been wanting to try any of the MAC foundations, this is a good sale. They also offer free shipping over $25. So any foundation, with the exception of the stick foundation (because it is on clearance), will qualify for free shipping.

At this point in history, I’m sure a lot of people don’t need a review of this foundation. But there are always new people just getting into makeup, or even just discovering MAC. So maybe this can still be helpful for someone out there.

On to the review, the swatches, and how the shades C8 and NC45 look on me.

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MAC Studio Fix Fluid** is a bestseller and gets as many rave reviews as it does bad ones. For a long time, this foundation was one of the few options for women of color. As with all things, everyone’s experience is different. For me, MAC Studio Fix Fluid is a nice foundation, but it just isn’t my favorite. My mom wears this foundation every day and she always looks great. But since she has oily skin and uses it with MAC’s Blot Powder, I probably shouldn’t have even given it a try. I have dry skin, but since I prefer a matte finish and wear Estee lauder Double Wear regularly, I decided to give it a shot anyway.

For starters, I love the color match of C8. I end up wearing this purely to enjoy the way that shade looks on me. However, I recently realized, I just don’t like the formula enough to keep using it. I think it is a nice foundation, but I think this formula would work better if you are able to set it really well with a very matte powder. Since I have dry skin, I don’t use much powder, and the powders I do have aren’t the most matte ones on the market.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in C8 and NC45 Swatches
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in C8 and NC45

Me and this foundation just don’t get along for some reason. I have the same thought every time I wear this foundation. Partway through the day I look in the mirror and think “why do I look sweaty?” I’ve tried setting it with powder. It seems to stay tacky on my face and transfers easily, regardless of which powder I use to set it. And the issue with my dry skin is that I can only layer on so much powder before I start to look bad. So I haven’t been able to solve the issue of it feeling tacky or looking sweaty.

The coverage still remains throughout wear, so the foundation isn’t necessarily breaking down. I can’t explain it. I have even tried mixing the Studio Fix Fluid with Estee Lauder Double Wear to improve the transfer and tacky feeling. But oddly enough, even mixed with double wear, it still feels tacky to the touch. The mix did improve the transfer issue and it did make double wear more comfortable.

MAC claims that the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation** has medium to full buildable coverage with a natural matte finish. While I do agree with the level of coverage, I only partially agree about the finish. On me, this foundation starts off with a natural matte finish, but it gets shiny throughout wear. The brand also claims that this foundation controls shine, and I just personally haven’t experienced that. I have considered that the foundation is so matte that it is causing my dry skin to overproduce oil. But then that doesn’t explain how I can wear Estee Lauder Double Wear without having the same issue.

MAC foundations are infamous for claims of the formulas causing acne breakouts. So much so, that they have added “does not cause acne” to all of their foundations. I have not had any acne breakouts or irritation while using this foundation and I have been testing it since July 2020 (just over a year).

Update April 8, 2022:  So I’ve polled the audience. I’m the only person that thinks this foundation looks sweaty. Everyone I ask says this foundation looks natural but more perfected. My husband says he can tell it is more matte than when my skin is bare, but he doesn’t think it looks sweaty at all 🤷🏽‍♀️. He of course sees me the most often and up close, so I wanted to share his thoughts in particular. Do what you will with that information 😂. But seriously, I wanted to let you guys know that I’m alone in this assessment of the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Just in case my initial thoughts were holding anyone back from trying this foundation. You probably won’t look sweaty.

The Shades (Studio Fix Fluid C8 and NC45, $36)**

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation C8 Swatch and Application
Wearing MAC Studio Fix Fluid C8
Bare Face
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC45 Swatch and Application
Wearing MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC45

As you can see from the pictures, the shade NC45 makes me look darker than I am. In person, it looks worse to me than it does in photos. NC45 looks passable to me in the photo, but in person, looking at myself in the mirror it is too dark and looks orange. I also want to point out that C8 is deeper than my actual skin tone but because the undertone matches so well it isn’t obvious. So if you are darker than me, you may still be able to use C8.

Final Thoughts

I was most surprised by how skin like this foundation always seemed to look. I never felt like it looked heavy or unnatural. I just don’t personally like how it feels on my face, or the sweaty look I always seem to end up with. I have watched a lot of people wear this foundation and all of them have set this foundation with powder (often a lot of powder). I really think that must be the key, and I just can’t get away with using that much powder. As I mentioned above, my mom uses Studio Fix Fluid Foundation** every day with Blot Powder** and it looks great on her oilier skin type. So my experience is only one of many.

If are still interested in checking out MAC’s foundation sale, I am a fan of the Studio Fix Powder Foundation** (swatches of C6, C7, and NC50 here) and it has more good reviews than bad from what I’ve seen. Their Face and Body Foundation** is also a fan favorite and now with an expanded shade range, there are plenty of options.

Have you ever tried MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, do you think you’ll ever try it?

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2 thoughts on “MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review ($10 Off Foundation Sale Going on Now)

  1. Now that I think about it, everyone I know that love MAC foundations have oily skin. One exception being one of my best friends, but she only uses the Waterweight foundation. I’ve always wanted to use MAC’s foundations but they never have my shade in the formulas I want. Most of the time they just offer NC45 and jump right to NC50. Sometimes they come out with NC47 when they expand the range, which is the closest to my shade, but still not perfect. The Fix Fluid does look incredibly natural on you. It’s a shame it’s too shiny/greasy.

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    1. It really is disappointing. I was tempted to keep trying different powder combinations, but when double wear couldn’t help it out, that was my sign to let it go lol. I wanted to try the studio waterweight because I really like the concealer version of that foundation, but NC45 in the studio waterweight concealer was even more orange than the foundation shade, and as usual, NC42 was too light. MAC does a decent job with colors, but the undertones are usually off for me, and like you said, they have some big jumps between colors.

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