Bobbi Brown Warm Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches)

This is not a new release from Bobbi Brown, but it is new to me. Although Bobbi Brown left her namesake brand at the end of 2016, I still find it interesting to check out the brand’s new releases. I personally think that they have done a great job maintaining the fresh, natural makeup vibe that made the Bobbi Brown brand famous.

This Essential Multicolor Eye Shadow Palette definitely stays in the lane of the natural makeup. While I do think that the level of pigmentation is nice, if you want depth or impact you’ll have to look elsewhere. My closest shade matches in Bobbi Brown foundation are Golden Honey and Golden, and on my skin tone, the Warm Cranberry palette comes across as soft and natural. If you are lighter than me, you may get a little more intensity from the deepest shade (red rock), but I think it will still be fairly tame. There are 3 other color options in this line of palettes, but based on the website swatches, only one of them goes deeper in tone than Warm Cranberry. The deeper palette is called Bold Burgundy if you want to look into a deeper color story.

Bobbi Brown Essential Multicolor Eye Shadow Palette in Warm Cranberry, $45.00

Bobbi Brown The Essential Multicolor Eye Shadow Palette in Warm Cranberry Swatches on medium dark skin
Bobbi Brown The Essential Multicolor Eye Shadow Palette in Warm Cranberry

According to Bobbi Brown, the palette has 3 different finishes: metallic (“rich high-shimmer powder shadow”), shimmer wash (“translucent twinkling lid color”), and Eye Shadow (“silky, soft-matte powder shadow”).

  • Stone Cold – Eye Shadow (far right swatch, bottom pan of the palette)
  • Dusk – Metallic (top left)
  • Champagne Quartz – Metallic (bottom left)
  • Rose Gold – Shimmer Wash (top right)
  • Red Rock – Eye Shadow (bottom right)
Bobbi Brown The Essential Multicolor Eye Shadow Palette in Warm Cranberry Swatches on Medium Dark Skin
Bobbi Brown The Essential Multicolor Eye Shadow Palette in Warm Cranberry

The “metallic” formula of dusk (top left) and champagne quartz (bottom left) is smooth and nicely pigmented. Both shades are easy to apply whether you use your fingers or a brush.

I would call the “shimmer wash” finish of rose gold (top right) more sheer than translucent, and I don’t agree that there is any amount of twinkle in this shade. I actually found champagne quartz to have more shine and impact than rose gold.

The “eye shadow” formula of red rock (bottom right) and stone cold (far right swatch) is a classic matte finish. These are really easy mattes to work with, easy to blend, and nicely pigmented. Again, the only downside for my skin tone, in particular, is that red rock doesn’t provide any depth.

I think that this is a nice offering from Bobbi Brown and I think it fits in well with the brand’s aesthetic. I think that if you are already a fan of Bobbi Brown’s classic eyeshadows you will likely enjoy this formula as well.

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