The Monday Edit, April 5, 2021

Articles to Read

The Dior Dune collection for Summer 2021 should start showing up at retailers this month. As usual has a great breakdown of the entire collection. I haven’t been buying as much Dior in the last couple of years, but I’m hoping for some good reviews.

The beauty industry needs to wake up – you can’t be ‘ethical’ if you’re exploiting people of colour – While we should always aim to reduce harm rather than trying to be perfect, this article gives us all something to think about when it comes to ethical purchasing. We should pay attention to ethical labor practices as much as clean and cruelty free concerns.

I am a researcher by nature, so I often find myself doing deep dives into random topics. A little while ago I started looking into the Endowment Effect, which is when we assign more value to an item simply because we own it. I started to notice that I owned products that I don’t think are objectively better, but I still prefer to use them over a comparable better option. That got me thinking about why that might be, and as it turned out, several of them I happened to own longer and have more experience with. As a beauty blogger I spend more time analyzing my makeup products than most “average” consumers, so I get that the “why” of things doesn’t always matter. I just have a curious mind and I tend to enjoy this type of information. The Endowment Effect: Why Ownership Makes You Overvalue Your Things – is a long read, and it gets into a lot of research, but I found it fascinating and wanted to share it.

Videos to Watch

I always find videos from Audrey Coyne helpful, but I thought this video in particular was worth sharing. I thought it was a great example of finding ways to recreate the feeling of an outfit without buying anything new.

I am not at all handy, but I absolutely love watching people restore old homes to their former glory.

While I was able to talk myself out of buying the Sonia G Cheek Pro Brush, I still have my eye on some other options. I’m not one for buying whole brush sets, but Alicia is one of my favorites for demonstrating how brushes work, so this video has been helpful in narrowing in on the master face and soft cheek brushes.

Words to Think About

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

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