Laura Mercier Lipstick and Lip Liner (Swatches)

Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel/Essential lipstick brun naturel and Longwear Lip Liner hazelnut tea swatches on medium dark skin

Laura Mercier Rouge Essential Lipstick in Brun Naturel, $32**

Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel/Essential lipstick brun naturel swatch on medium dark skin
Laura Mercier Brun Naturel

The Rouge Essentiel Line is a traditional cream formula that seems to have replaced the Creme Smooth formula. I prefer the old formula, but this one isn’t bad. It doesn’t have as much moisture as the creme smooth line, but it does still provide a comfortable wear that doesn’t dry out my lips. The biggest issue I have with this line is the color selection. I feel like I had such a hard time selecting a shade that would work for me. Shades were either too light or were essentially red, with not much falling in the middle. The shade I have here is brun naturel, a neutral brown. For me, once applied it leans cool and appears darker than it swatches. So I just never fell in love with the color despite really enjoying the formula. If I have another chance to see the shades in person, I may see if there is something warmer toned. In this price range, I’d recommend checking out the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks for a better shade range. I do also prefer the formula of the Estee Lauder, but if you have gluten sensitivities, you should steer clear since it contains wheat germ, wheat bran, and barley.

Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel/Essential lipstick brun naturel and Longwear Lip Liner hazelnut tea swatches medium dark skin
L to R: Laura Mercier Hazelnut Tea lip liner and Brun Natural lipstick

Laura Mercier Longwear Lip Liner, $26**

Laura Mercier Longwear Lip Liner hazelnut tea swatch on medium dark skin
Laura Mercier Hazelnut Tea

The formula of this lip liner is nice. It is dry enough to stay in place, but creamy enough to apply easily. For reference, based on two of the liners I use regularly, this formula is creamier than NYX slim lip pencils, but not as dry as MAC lip pencils. I still prefer MAC lip pencils. Despite the drier texture that MAC has, I find that they blend with lipsticks better. I have the shade hazelnut tea, which is described as a neutral brown. In terms of color payoff, this is opaque and covers well, but the shade is too light for my skin tone. If I needed a base to blank out my lips and help with longevity, I could use it that way. But I use lip liner for lip definition rather than staying power and this shade can’t give me that. If you are near my skin tone (Estee Lauder 4W4, MAC C8), I’d look at the shade red chocolate instead. I have that shade in the old formula and it works well for me. I’d imagine that the brand tried to keep the colors fairly consistent when they revamped the line.

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