The Monday Edit, February 8, 2021

Some articles to read, videos to watch,

and words to think about for the week ahead.

Articles to Read

I discovered the girllovesgloss website while looking for reviews of the MAC Face and Body Mixing Medium. In this post she talks about how to use some MAC Pro products including the mixing medium.

Are you someone who gets dressed everyday to work from home? That’s how I am and it really helps get me started and have a productive day. But make no mistake, despite the pandemic, not everyone gets to work from home. Here’s some work wear inspiration for those who still have to make the trek to the office. What to Wear to Work (Vogue UK)

Speaking of working from home, Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog recently talked about sheer foundations she is loving.

There’s hard work being done to move us toward a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry. That work continues with an interview with the creator of the website Brown Girl Hands, Hannah Harris. Harris talks with Beth Gillette about her reasons for starting her website and Instagram account and the importance of brown skin representation in brand photography.

Videos to Watch

But seriously, has anyone tried the MAC Face and Body Mixing Medium? In this video, Senior National Artist for MAC, Fatima Thomas, features the product.

Watch makeup artist, Fatima Thomas at work

Words to Think About

“…your gift is the thing that you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort.” — Steve Harvey

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