bareMinerals Gen Nude Latte Palette Review

If you used to follow me over on Sensitive Beauty Blog, then you likely saw this review on that site in the summer of 2019.  I wanted to post this one again because it still feels like one of those underrated products that deserves more attention.  This palette is also something that I still use and enjoy, so it feels appropriate to shine some light on it again.

bareMinerals Gen Nude Latte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

I’ve had this little palette for just over a year now and I really enjoy the simplicity of it.  The textures on these are smooth (almost creamy feeling) and nicely pigmented.  The shimmer shades work well with both fingers and a brush.  I’ve only used the mattes with a brush and they blend easily, but I do have to be light-handed with the deepest shade.  In terms of formula, it is much softer than my preferred type of eyeshadow formula (MAC, MUFE), but I didn’t notice any fallout.  I personally don’t like the really soft creamy metallics and loosely packed mattes that are popular lately.  This seemed to strike a good balance between the two.  Although the shimmers feel creamy, there isn’t any excess powder kick-up or chunks to smooth out.

I do find that I have to kind of smoosh/dig my brush into the shimmer shadows to pick up the amount of pigment I need, but nothing bothersome for me.  When using my finger to apply, however, there is no issue getting them to pick up.  A brush will pick up a small amount of pigment by swiping, and the intensity can be built from there.  However, for my skin tone, I find that digging in a little gets me the result I’m looking for faster.  I also find that I tend to do this brush technique with some of the MUFE artist color shadows and MAC shadows.  Basically, whenever I find a shadow hard to pick up on a brush I use a dense synthetic brush and if that still gives me an issue, I’ll dig in a little.

The top shades (fringed and destiny) are shimmers, but they are more toward satin than metallic.  The middle shades (firefly and feels) are shimmers but unlike the top shades, they lean toward metallic.  The bottom two shades (solstice and spirit) are mattes.  I shy away from metallic finishes because of their tendency to make my eyelids look crepey.  However, these eyeshadows actually make my lids appear quite smooth.

bareMinerals Gen Nude Latte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches medium dark skin
bareMinerals Gen Nude Latte Eyeshadow palette

I’ve seen some reviews mention that the compact is hard to open and that is true when it is brand new, but over time, mine became much easier to open.  Like I mentioned, I’ve had it for over a year and don’t notice any issue when opening it now.

I don’t personally do elaborate eye looks, and typically only use a lid shade and a transition/blending shade when I do eyeshadow.  So if you like to do more complicated looks this may be too basic.  I’d recommend checking these palettes out in store if you have been curious.  They are very pigmented while still being easy to work with and they have other color variations.  The brand does give a palette suggestion based on your skin tone (which can be helpful for beginners) but you can try whatever colorway appeals to you.  I wish more people were raving about these, but I’m sure the basic nature of them makes them less exciting than other items on the market.  You can find these at for $29.00.

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