Milani Baked Highlighter in Rosa Italiana

Milani Baked Highlighter 130 Rose Italiana Swatch

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I had high hopes for this product because I really enjoy the quality of Milani products.  Unfortunately, I do not like this formula.  Rosa Italiana** has a chunky texture and you have to be very careful or it accentuates any texture you may have on your face.

Milani Baked Highlighter 130 Rose Italiana Swatch on dark skin
Milani Baked Highlighter in 130 Rose Italiana

It can be worked with if you can manage to use a tiny amount.  So if you want to give this a try I would suggest using a fluffy brush to avoid applying too much product.  Once applied, I do think it looks decent, but it is just too intense for my taste.

If you have smooth skin or you just happen to be someone who prefers a highly reflective highlighter, then you may not have any issues with the product.  I know that some people prefer a bold highlight, it just isn’t my preference.  I know you can’t see how textured it looks in a swatch, but you can see texture when you look at the product in person.

Milani Baked Highlighter 130 Rose Italiana Swatch on medium dark skin
Milani Baked Highlighter in 130 Rose Italiana

The Baked Highlighter comes in a total of 4 shades and retails for $10.99**.

If you really want to try a Milani highlight, I much prefer their Strobelight Instant Glow Powders** over this formula.

Milani strobelight instant glow powders dayglow sunglow swatches on medium dark skin
Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder (02 Dayglow and 03 Sunglow)

Although in the pan these two highlighters look nearly identical, sunglow is more yellow in tone and slightly deeper.  Dayglow is more champagne than sunglow and ever so slightly lighter.  You can barely tell this difference when you look at them in the pan, even in person.  You really have to apply them to the skin to see the difference.

This formula does still accentuate some texture/bumps but it is much easier to work with and not as shiny as the baked highlighter.  I’d also recommend using a fluffy brush for this formula because it has a lot of pigment.  Overall, the Instant Glow Powders are smoother and it is easier to control the intensity depending on your preferences for shine.  The Strobelight Instant Glow Powder is $8.99 at**

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