MAC More Than Meets the Eye (Swatches)

MAC’s More than Meets the Eye collection is new for Spring 2020.  They’ve added new eyeshadow shades, a dazzleshadow extreme finish and a fiber brow gel to their lineup.  The collection is available for purchase now on the MAC Cosmetics website.

Disclaimer: I was fortunate enough to be sent a package ahead of the official release to try out 4 of the new eyeshadows.  This was not a PR package, it was sent out to customers and I happened to receive one.  The opinions I offer in this post are my own and I did not agree to feature or speak positively about these products.

MAC Eyeshadows Spring 2020 (royal rendezvous, shady Santa, carbon, and that's showbiz baby swatches on dark skin

The colors pictured left to right are Royal Rendezvous (matte), Shady Santa (matte), Carbon (matte), and That’s Showbiz Baby (frost).  The eyeshadows retail for $19.00 in the form you see pictured here and the single refill pan style retails for $8.00.

MAC eyeshadow Spring 2020 (royal rendezvous, shady Santa, carbon, and that's showbiz baby) swatches on dark skin
Royal Rendezvous (matte), Shady Santa (matte), Carbon (matte), and That’s Showbiz Baby (frost)

The traditional MAC eyeshadow formula seems to have fallen out of favor with some consumers over the years and as such we have seen MAC start to tweak some of their formulas.  As newer shades have been released by the brand in limited edition collections, I have noticed they are not as hard-pressed as the old favorites in the line.  Sometimes this goes over fine for me, but other times I do miss the old formula.  I tend to appreciate a dry/hard-pressed, buildable formula rather than a loose very pigmented one.  For example, I would choose a MAC shadow over an Anastasia Beverly Hills or Lorac shadow.

To test these out in terms of the new formula, I put them up against some of the shades I own with the old formula.  I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer, a natural hair MAC 217 brush for blending, and my finger for applying the shimmer shade to my lid.   This is how I do my eyeshadow on a regular basis.  The shades I used for comparison were saddle (matte), folie (satin, discontinued), bronze (frost), and cranberry (frost).

  • Royal Rendezvous** is by far my favorite of the four shades.  It barely has any kick up of extra powder in the pan while still being easy to pick up with my brush.  It blends easily and works well for me as a transition/blending shade.  I thought it would be too pink and cool in tone for me, but it comes off quite neutral once applied.  This is a shade I would have purchased for myself.
  • Shady Santa** had some extra kick up in the pan when I dip my brush in, it was patchy and hard for me to blend.  I feel that it is overly pigmented.  What I mean by that is that no matter how little I managed to pick up on my brush it still went patchy on me.  It didn’t blend any better with another matte shade laid down first.  Based on the reviews on the MAC website, other people are not having an issue with this shade, so your mileage may vary.  This is a shade I would have purchased for myself, but based on the issues I have with it, I would return it if I paid for it.
  • Carbon** is very pigmented while still being smooth and blends ok.  I wouldn’t say it blends easy, but if you’d like to use it as a liner, I’d say that’s a good thing so it doesn’t disappear.   I have never tried the old version of carbon so I can’t speak to any improvement in the formula.  Also, I do not use black eyeshadow and had I not received this for free, I never would have purchased it.
  • That’s Showbiz Baby** is very pigmented, be careful with this one because a little goes a long way.  I used this with my finger (as I typically do for lid shades) and I still got fall out on my face.  I also noticed the fallout throughout wear.  I tried barely applying any product and it still migrated around my face.  The texture reminds me of mythology and tempting eyeshadows in Mac’s lustre finish.  It is definitely not similar in my opinion to the finish of bronze and cranberry which are labeled as having a frost finish.

So overall it was really exciting to get to try out these items ahead of the official release.  MAC is definitely one of my favorite brands and I would have purchased from this release even if I did not receive this sneak peek.  I’m a little disappointed in the variety of textures that are now being labeled as the frost finish.  MAC has always had these types of inconsistencies between shades, but it can still be frustrating.  The other shades I have my eye on are nude model, jungle ball bronze, left you on red, and rose before bros, but after this experience, I’m on the fence about ordering them.

Update July 7, 2020: Instead of purchasing any more shades in the same finish as these, I decided to try the dazzleshadow extreme formula.  You can check out my swatch and review of the shade incinerated by clicking here.

MAC eyeshadows retail for $19.00 in a compact** and $8.00 as a refill pan** on

Have you tried any of the new MAC eyeshadows?  Let me know how it went.

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