Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Blushing Delights Swatches

These are just some quick swatches of the new baked blush and highlighter palette from the Pat McGrath x Bridgerton 2 collection. A lot of people have complaints about this collection (myself included) so I’m not thinking it will sell out. However, on the chance that I’m wrong, I wanted to go ahead and get some swatches posted. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test these products out.

Pat McGrath Blushing Delights Blush and Highlighter Palette Swatches
Pat McGrath Blushing Delights Blush and Highlighter Palette

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The Blushing Delights Palette retails for $60 and is available on the Bergdorf Goodman website.** (As of April 17, 2023)

Pat McGrath Blushing Delights Blush and Highlighter Palette Swatches
Pat McGrath Blushing Delights Blush and Highlighter Palette

The packaging, while pretty, feels very cheap. Keeping in mind that this is a $60 palette, there should be a more luxurious feeling to it. I knew going in that the design of the palette was odd and bulky, but I still expected it to feel more weighty considering my other Pat McGrath products.

Pat McGrath Blushing Delights Blush and Highlighter Palette Swatches on Medium Dark Skin
Pat McGrath Blushing Delights L to R: Champagne Venus, Aphrodisia, Budding Romance, Berry Brilliance

UPDATE April 23, 2022:  Now that I’ve had a chance to test this palette out, I can’t deny the quality of the products inside the package. The 3 blushes and 1 highlighter in the Blushing Delights palette are baked. They are very pigmented but incredibly smooth and easy to blend. For my skin tone (medium deep) I do not find myself needing to be very careful. I never overload my brush with product as a rule, so that could be why. I just lightly tap my brush in the product and it gives me enough pigment to work with. I do apply product to my brush for each cheek. I have seen fair and light skin tones say they have to be very careful with this palette so keep that in mind. The blushes do have a healthy sheen to them, but they aren’t shimmery. They look very smooth on my skin and don’t accentuate any texture. The highlight on the other hand does have some larger shimmer particles that you can see, but I don’t find that it accentuates my texture very much, which is nice.

To me, the highlight and 3 blushes are definitely worth the $60 price tag. And while I’m annoyed that it doesn’t feel more substantial, I do think the overall design of this palette is pretty. When I take a step back and just think about it as a fun Bridgerton collaboration, the quality of the actual product is outstanding. We’ve all seen brands put substandard products in limited edition collections and rely on the fun packaging to appease people. I do think the criticism of the packaging is still valid, but I can’t say it isn’t worth the money. A single Pat McGrath blush is $38 and while this is a different formula, the quality stands up to those individual blushes. So $60 for 3 blushes plus a highlight instead of $114 for 3 of her standard formula is really a great value.

If you can enjoy the packaging for the novelty it was meant to provide, and you don’t mind strong pigment, I’d highly recommend this palette.

The Blushing Delights Palette retails for $60 and is available on the Bergdorf Goodman website.** (As of April 17, 2023)

As far as the rest of the collection goes, I also purchased two lipsticks and the eyeshadow palette. So far, I’ve only tried the new Satin Allure Lipstick** formula and I’m honestly not impressed. They wear fine and the colors are beautiful but I definitely have better lipsticks. They have a light-medium coverage and while they don’t accentuate lip lines, they don’t make them look any better either. They are supposed to be hydrating but I don’t find that to be true for me personally. I agree that they are luminous, and they look do look nice. However, considering the $28.00 price, I prefer other lipsticks. I did like them better when paired with MAC’s prep and prime lip, but that’s little consolation at this price. I will say though, the lipsticks look better in the two videos I’ve seen on the collection. On video, they seemed more opaque, but of course, I can only share my personal experience.

I haven’t tried the eyeshadow palette (MTHRSHP: Belle of the Ball**) yet but I’m excited to finally get to try Pat McGrath’s special shades. I’ve never been able to bring myself to pay the price for a mothership palette, so I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone is raving about.

Did you get anything from the Pat McGrath x Bridgerton collection? If not, are you planning to? If you’ve already tried any of the products, what are your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Blushing Delights Swatches

  1. Ah that’s so interesting! I didn’t realize you got the palette too and that this will be your first time trying one of her “special” shades. I’m looking forward to reading your take on it!
    Between the looks of the first Bridgerton palette and the second one, I like the second one more even though it’s the most similar to past color stories PML has done.

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