Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom (114 Glow Swatch and Review)

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom 114 Glow Swatch on medium dark skin

The new Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom is a comfortable formula with a beautiful shine. It applies smoothly and the pigmentation is great for such a balmy feeling product. While there is no tingling feeling, the formula does seem to be slightly plumping. Unfortunately, it has no longevity and on me it doesn’t wear away evenly.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom 114 Glow swatch medium dark skin
Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom in 114 Glow

It only takes about an hour and a half to two hours to need a touch up. As it wears down, the color that is left behind is more muted and the shine is gone. Obviously, that change can be expected, but it happens a little faster than I’d prefer. I was eating, drinking, and talking while trying this out, so I guess if you somehow manage not to do any of that, you will have better staying power. So after about an an hour or two (depending on eating and drinking) it was worn off at center of my lips and it had sunk into my lip lines. The way it wore off meant that the only choice was to reapply. I will say that it was easy to apply on top of itself, I didn’t need to clean off my lips and start fresh.

Chanel claims that the Rouge Coco Bloom formula has “longwearing intense colour,” which I just don’t find to be true for me. I can agree that it has a high shine finish, but that doesn’t last long on me either. Like I mentioned, it is comfortable. It doesn’t feel drying and I think that some people would find it hydrating. There is a slight scent, but it is very faint compared to the typical Chanel lipsticks and it isn’t noticeable after application. I can only really smell it if I intentionally smell the bullet.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom 114 Glow swatch medium dark skin
Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom in 114 Glow

I tend to have better experiences with Chanel’s lip products, but this is a miss for me. I don’t mind needing to do a touch up, but I’d rather do that because of fading. With the Rouge Coco Bloom (at least in the shade 114 glow), I have entire sections of my lip with no product that need to be filled in. I love the color and the the lipstick on initial application, but I should be able to get more than an hour of wear time. Sure, I could probably try a lip primer, but for $40, it should just work.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom 114 Glow swatch medium dark skin
Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom in 114 Glow

The closest color comparison I can show you is with Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade Rum Raisin. Revlon Rum Raisin is more berry, so it is more red than the Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom in 114 Glow. The Chanel definitely leans more plum, but they are really close. The finish is definitely different, the Revlon never has quite the amount of shine as the Chanel. This comparison was more about providing a point of reference for understanding the shade.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom 114 Glow vs Revlon Rum Raisin Swatches on medium dark skin
L to R: Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom 114 Glow, Revlon Rum Raisin

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