Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Melting Color Balm (60 Warm Plum)

I first found out about this product from my friend Lili and she had the same experience that I did with shade 60 Warm Plum. In Lili’s review, she also tested the shade 30 Warm Coral and had a much better experience. Her review was my basis for trying this product, so if you want more details and to see both of the shades on someone darker than me, please check that out by clicking here.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Melting Color Balm 60 Warm Plum
Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Melting Color Balm in 60 Warm Plum

The brand uses words like airy and creamy to describe the Melting Color Balms and I would say they missed the mark for the shade 60 warm plum. I found this formula to be quite dry. It actually feels like you are not getting any product regardless of the tool, but eventually, somehow you do get pigment. From there it is buildable as the brand promises but the darker you are the more work you’ll have to put in to get your desired intensity. Lucky for me, I didn’t feel like I needed to build it much. After I manage to get the product on my brush, I felt like I only needed that one application for one cheek. So I did need to load my brush with the product again for the other cheek. I don’t need to build beyond that one layer to be satisfied with the color. When I build this shade too much, it starts to look like a bruise on my skin tone. So the light, buildable nature of this shade ends up working out for me personally.

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Drugstore Gems: Quick and Easy Products

These are some items I wanted to give a shout-out to because they are easy to use and affordable. Sometimes you are just looking for something that is simple and does the job. These are some products that come to mind when I’m in a rush and want to use products that I can’t mess up.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Desert Escape

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick rum raisin, raisin rage, desert escape swatches medium dark skin
L to R: Revlon rum raisin, raisin rage, and desert escape

I’ve done a full review on these lipsticks and I reference them often, so I won’t say too much here. For me, the shade desert escape in particular works as an everyday color. I can always count on it and it seems to work with every look. I know that won’t necessarily be true for everyone trying this shade, but they have such a good shade range I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

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MAC Now You See Me Extra Dimension Eye Kit – Golden (Holiday 2021)

MAC Now You See Me Extra Dimension Eye Kit Golden Swatches on Medium Dark Skin
MAC Now You See Me Extra Dimension Eye Kit in Golden

You guys, I’m falling back in love with MAC. I never really gave up on them, but lately, I just find myself more interested in buying from them over other brands. While I don’t like the overall packaging design for the collection this year, I like that they released these sets that have the classic black packaging in them. The MAC Now You See Me Extra Dimension Eye Kit comes in two colors, Smoky and Golden. Golden is the kit I bought.

At $39.50, this kit is an excellent value. The brand states that it is a $91 value. So considering the retail value of each item, the included makeup bag is worth $5. This set includes the In Extreme Dimension Mascara in 3D Black ($25), the Technakohl Liner in Graphblack ($19), and two Extra Dimension Eyeshadows ($21) in Quick as a Flash (bright bronze) and Fool Me Once (warm nude).

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Forgotten Best Sellers: NARS

NARS Highlighting Powder in Ibiza swatches on medium dark skin
NARS Highlighting Powder in Ibiza
NARS Matte Bronzing Powder Punta Cana and Samoa bronzer swatches dark skin
L to R: NARS Punta Cana and Samoa (matte)

I was determined to take the rest of this year off, but I was starting to drive myself crazy, so I’m back at it.

I wanted to talk about some older products that I don’t hear mentioned much anymore, but they still manage to take up permanent residence on the brand’s bestsellers list. To keep it simple, I went by the brand website’s best seller list rather than retailers like Sephora and Ulta. Let’s revisit some Nars products.

If you like this kind of post, please check out my Bobbi Brown forgotten best sellers by clicking here.

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