Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Swatches (Rum Raisin, Raisin Rage, Desert Escape)

After mentioning my favorite lipstick formulas in another post, I thought it would be nice to swatch any formulas or colors that I haven’t shared in the past. Up first are the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. I have shown swatches of both Raisin Rage and Rum Raisin previously, but I decided to go ahead and include them next to a newer to me shade (desert escape).

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick rum raisin, raisin rage, desert escape swatches medium dark skin
L to R: Revlon rum raisin, raisin rage, desert escape

As I’ve mentioned, I really think this line from Revlon is still one of the best on the market if you like a traditional cream bullet lipstick. They are comfortable and provide good pigmentation. If you like an opaque coverage, these might be a miss for you, but I wouldn’t describe them as sheer.

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MAC 30% off lips, highlighters, and blushes (with swatches)

If you were already thinking of checking out the MAC sale, I thought I’d share some swatches to help you shop. I’m showcasing products that I feel are less talked about or at least less talked about among what is current and new to the market.

To shop the sale, use the code MACSPRING30 at checkout. I did test the code on all the available items I have swatched, and they were marked down successfully. The only exceptions are some blushes that are no longer available due to being limited edition or discontinued. I will make a note of those items below the pictures.


Love Me Lipstick – Bated Breath, $21.00

MAC Love Me Lipstick Bated Breath swatch dark skin
MAC Bated Breath (Love Me Lipstick)

Satin Lipstick – Del Rio, $19.00

MAC Del Rio Satin Lipstick swatch dark skin
MAC Del Rio (Satin Lipstick)

Matte Lipstick – Heroine, $19.00

MAC Heroine Matte Lipstick swatch dark skin
MAC Heroine (Matte Lipstick)

Hyper Real Glow Highlight Palettes, $39.50

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The Wanderlust List #4 (Sonia G Cheek Pro Brush)

The wanderlust list is my way of enjoying and using items I already own. I hope to encourage myself and others to use some of the products we have rather than being so quick to buy something new. If this concept interests you, you can check out the previous versions of the Wanderlust List below.

Sonia G Cheek Pro Brush
Sonia G Cheek Pro , $46 on courtesy of Pinterest)

I put off writing this post for a while because I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to be strong enough to pass on this purchase. I didn’t want to say I was passing on a purchase and end up buying it anyway. Fortunately for me, I did resist and instead of buying the Sonia G Cheek Pro Brush, I decided to revisit my severely neglected Bobbi Brown blush brush.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush Natural Hair
Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, $62

I’ve been pushing this brush around my collection for years now. It is a beautiful brush and it works well, I just don’t like using it as much as my other brushes. It is somewhat of a paddle style, but it manages to simultaneously be fluffier and more dense than other brushes. I do find it useful for hard to blend blushes, it can somehow really push the pigment around and blend it out without disturbing my foundation. Although that is impressive, I would just rather get rid of hard to blend blushes.

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MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (brown transition shades)

I thought it’d be helpful to swatch some of MAC’s transition shades side by side since it can be hard to see the undertone differences on the website. These are shades I find suitable for my skin tone (MAC is C7/C8 and sometimes I can get away with NC45). The brand does offer both lighter and darker colors than what I have swatched here, so if nothing here suits your skin tone, all is not lost.

MAC eyeshadows cork, saddle, brown script, soft brown, texture, uninterrupted
L to R: cork, saddle, brown script, soft brown, texture, uninterrupted
MAC eyeshadow swatches - cork, saddle, brown script, soft brown, texture, uninterrupted dark skin
Top, L to R: cork, saddle, brown script, soft brown | Bottom, L to R: texture, uninterrupted
MAC eyeshadows brown script, swiss chocolate, bougie babe (LE)
L to R, Bottom to top: brown script, swiss chocolate, bougie babe (LE)
MAC eyeshadow swatches brown script, swiss chocolate, bougie babe (LE) dark skin
L to R: brown script, swiss chocolate, bougie babe (LE)

I know that Bougie Babe was a limited edition shade, but anyone who does have it may want to know how it compares to some of the permanent shades. All of the shades swatched with the exception of bougie babe are still available in the permanent range. The refill pans like the ones pictured cost $8. If you want any shade in regular packaging, those cost $18. Unfortunately the shade brown script can only be purchased as a refill pan.

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