Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Taupe

I mentioned the consistency of Bobbi Brown’s matte eyeshadows in my last post about the brand’s best sellers and it reminded me that I wanted to post about this. It took me a long time to buy this shade because I was worried it would be too cool-toned for me, but it turned out to be just warm enough.

This particular shade is a classic matte finish from Bobbi Brown, simply labeled as Eye Shadow. The brand also has Mettalic Eyeshadow, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, and Luxe Eye Shadow.

Bobbi Brown Matte Eyeshadow Taupe Swatch Medium Dark Skin
Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Taupe
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Forgotten Best Sellers: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in shade Deep
Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in shade Deep
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in golden honey (W-068/previoulsy 5.75) and golden (W-074/previously 6)
Top: Golden Honey | Bottom: Golden

I wanted to talk about some older products that I don’t hear mentioned much anymore, but they still manage to take up permanent residence on the brand’s bestsellers list. I have done this before with NARS, which you can see by clicking here. Today I’m revisiting some Bobbi Brown products.

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Sleeper Hits, Vol 2: MAC Bougie Babe, Dare to Diva, and Hollywood Heroine Eyeshadows (with alternatives)

MAC Bougie Babe, Dare To Diva, and Hollywood Heroine Eyeshadows Dupes Swatches
MAC Bougie Babe (matte brown), Dare To Diva (reddish-burgundy), and Hollywood Heroine (warm purple)

There are just some products that don’t wow you and you end up not reaching for them. Sleeper hits are the products that once got pushed aside, but for whatever reason are now used quite often. If you like this kind of content, I have another version that you can check out by clicking this link: Sleeper Hits: MAC Next to Nothing Bronzer and MAC x Selena La Layenda¬†Highlight. I also have a couple of products that I plan to cover in the future, so stay tuned for those as well.

This is basically a spin on shopping my stash. My hope is that it helps you think of ways to take inspiration from what you see other people using and find a way to recreate that with what you own. Today I’m going to be talking about some limited edition eyeshadows from MAC. Bougie Babe was released with the 2020 Loud and Clear collection, while Dare to Diva and Hollywood Heroine were released with the 2019 MAC in Monochrome Collection.

Since everything that I am sharing was limited edition, I’ll be offering you some alternatives from my own stash as well as some products I found by using Temptalia’s swatch catalog (love her website!).

First, let’s take a look at the swatches of my limited edition shades next to the alternatives I found in my own stash.

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Drugstore Gems: Quick and Easy Products

These are some items I wanted to give a shout-out to because they are easy to use and affordable. Sometimes you are just looking for something that is simple and does the job. These are some products that come to mind when I’m in a rush and want to use products that I can’t mess up.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Desert Escape

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick rum raisin, raisin rage, desert escape swatches medium dark skin
L to R: Revlon rum raisin, raisin rage, and desert escape

I’ve done a full review on these lipsticks and I reference them often, so I won’t say too much here. For me, the shade desert escape in particular works as an everyday color. I can always count on it and it seems to work with every look. I know that won’t necessarily be true for everyone trying this shade, but they have such a good shade range I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

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