Pat McGrath Celestial Odyssey Luxe Quad: Bronze Borealis

If you didn’t know, Pat McGrath’s Holiday collection landed on her website at the end of September. Although I was disappointed at the repeat shades in the blush/highlighter palettes, I couldn’t resist getting something from the collection. I decided on the Luxe Quad in the Bronze Borealis shade. This quad does not contain any of the special shades, but that is actually good for my preferences.

I’ve only had the chance to do 3 eye looks so far, but since this is limited edition I wanted to go ahead and share swatches and my thoughts.

Bronze Borealis Luxe Quad, $54

Pat McGrath Celestial Odyssey Luxe Quad Bronze Borealis Swatches
Top: Lunar Legend, Sienna Rose | Bottom: Mink Dusk, Cyber Bronze
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Pat McGrath Labs Divine Blush Comparisons (Nude Venus vs Divine Rose vs Paradise Venus)

A few weeks back when I reviewed the Huda Beauty Cream Lipstick in Money Maker, I had a conversation in the comments with Lili (as we tend to do lol) about buying multiple colors of the same product. While I’m now trying to do better about only buying one shade of a formula, that did not happen in the instance of the Divine Blushes from Pat McGrath. On Saturday, Lili and I were talking about Holiday collections, and how Pat McGrath is releasing two blush/highlighter palettes. Lili found out from the Trendmood Instagram account that one palette has the shade divine rose and the other has the shade paradise venues, both of which I already own.

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Blush Nude Venus, Divine Rose, and Paradise Venus Swatches
Pat McGrath Divine Blush (L to R): Nude Venus, Divine Rose, Paradise Venus

Since I don’t want repeat shades, I’ll be passing on both of the palettes, but I was thinking it would still be helpful to share the swatches of the blushes that I own. If you are trying to decide on buying single shades that are already for sale, it may be helpful to see the ones I have next to each other. If you haven’t purchased any of the blushes yet and are considering the holiday palettes, this may help you get an idea of which one to lean toward. I did post a full review when these released that you can check out by clicking here if you want to know about performance.

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Pat McGrath Divine Blush Review and Swatch (Paradise Venus)

Like many in the beauty community, I was very excited about this launch. Even though a lot of reviews started to get released the day I placed my order I decided not to watch or read any until I had the chance to try this blush for myself. I really just wanted to enjoy this product without any ideas of how it performs or doesn’t perform for other people. I also wanted to just use it like a “normal” makeup user without trying to review it at the same time. I received my package on Friday, May 28th and I didn’t waste any time, I started wearing it the next day. I ended up really happy I made that decision not to check reviews and just have fun with it.

Pat McGrath Divine Blush Review and Swatch on medium dark skin (Paradise Venus)
Pat McGrath Paradise Venus

I have really tested this out and tried it over different foundations and with different brushes, so this is by no means a first impression. I want to make that clear, not to hate on first impressions, but to point out that you can have different experiences working with something in different ways. Hopefully, I can explain my experiences well enough to help you make your own decision on whether or not this would be a good purchase for you personally.

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