Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Swatches (Brick Beat, Crazy for Coffee)

After mentioning my favorite lipstick formulas in another post, I thought it would be nice to swatch any formulas or colors that I haven’t shared in the past. Today I’ll be sharing my Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks**.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Swatches medium dark skin (Brick Beat, Crazy for Coffee)
Maybelline Crazy for Coffee (left) and Brick Beat (right)

These two shades are part of Maybelline’s traditional line which they used to refer to as a satin finish. They are now called “The Creams” and I think that is a more accurate description of the formula. They are comfortable, moisturizing, and provide good pigmentation. I would say they have a medium opacity. If you like a more opaque coverage, I don’t think these will do it for you. Brick beat has a little more coverage than crazy for coffee, but it is still not fully opaque.

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Maybelline Nudes of New York Palette (Swatches)

Maybelline Nudes of New York Palette (Swatches)

Maybelline’s newest addition to their eyeshadow palette family, Nudes of New York, brings us a formula update.  If you are familiar with the Expert Wear Quads or the 12-pan palettes (nudes, blushed nudes, 24K nudes) then this will be quite a different experience.

Maybelline Nudes of New York Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches on Medium Dark Skin
Maybelline Nudes of New York Eyeshadow Palette

The matte eyeshadows in this palette are very powdery, I’d say they are comparable to how Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) eyeshadow palettes behave.  They are not as pigmented as ABH shadows, that is just to give you a point of reference for the formula.  The powder kick-up is not my favorite type of formula, but a lot of people do prefer that these days.  The shimmers are not as loose as the mattes, but they still give good pigmentation.

Maybelline Nudes of New York Palette Review and Swatches on Medium Dark Skin
Top: Originator & Pioneer, Bottom: Globetrotter & Self-Starter
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Buy This Not That: No Smudge Lip Liner

I recently decided to give the MUFE lip liner formula a try and it immediately reminded me of the Maybelline Shaping lip liners.  I have been using the Maybelline liner formula since 2017 and am a big fan of the formula, but it does seem to dry out before I can finish the product.  The reason I know it dries out is because eventually what is left in the pencil falls out, meaning that as it ages it dries and shrinks down, no longer fitting into its housing.  All liners like this (twist up) can dry out, so I’m not saying there is something extremely wrong with the product, but it does mean that I’ve been repurchasing it before I actually get to use the entire product. The MUFE liner is not a traditional pencil formula, but it does need to be sharpened, whereas the Maybelline is a twist up that does not need a sharpener.

Make Up For Ever aqua lip liner** vs Maybelline shaping lip liner**

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) aqua lip liner 11c vs Maybelline shaping lip liner divine wine

Maybelline Colorsensational Shaping Lip Liner Divine Wine, $7.99**


Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Aqua Lip Waterproof Liner Pencil 11C, $20.00**

At first glance, the price difference between these two items seems like a no brainer.  However, you get more product in the MUFE liner.  The Maybelline pencil only has .01oz of product while the MUFE has .04oz, so you will have to repurchase it less often if it is something you intend to use regularly.  Additionally, considering my experience with the Maybelline drying out, it has to be replaced before you actually make it through the product.

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) aqua lip liner 11c vs Maybelline shaping lip liner divine wine swatches
MUFE aqua lip in 11C (left) and Maybelline shaping lip liner in divine wine (right)

In terms of formula, Maybelline is drier to apply (even over lip balm).  I find that it dries down matte with no tackiness and lasts well throughout the day.  The MUFE formula has a smoother application and looks smoother on my lips.  The MUFE liner does remain feeling tacky although it technically does dry down in my opinion.  So if you use a lip liner as a base for lipstick to improve longevity, you may want to look into the MUFE option.  The fact that it remains tacky will give your lipstick something to grab onto.  As an alternative MAC Prep + Prime Lip ($20.00 @ Ulta**) is clear, making it more versatile for this function.

Both MUFE and Maybelline claim that these liners are creamy and long-wearing.  The MUFE does claim to be waterproof but I’m not sure about that.  Both liners transfer slightly onto my cup when drinking but I would still consider them both to be long-wearing.  Compared to a lip liner that you have to sharpen, I would say they are both creamy. You do have to sharpen the MUFE liner, but it is creamier than most pencil lip liners I’ve used.

Due to the value for money, smoother application, and appearance on the lips, I’d buy the Make Up For Ever 11c aqua lip liner**, not the Maybelline divine wine lip liner.

The only instance in which I’d recommend the Maybelline divine wine lip lier** over the MUFE is if you wear lip liner as a lipstick.  The Maybelline may be better suited to your taste because it dries down completely and doesn’t have a tacky feel when your lips touch.

Have you tried either of these lip liners?  What has your experience been?  If you haven’t tried either, what is your favorite lip liner?

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