The Wanderlust List #4 (Sonia G Cheek Pro Brush)

The wanderlust list is my way of enjoying and using items I already own. I hope to encourage myself and others to use some of the products we have rather than being so quick to buy something new. If this concept interests you, you can check out the other versions of the Wanderlust List below.

I put off writing this post for a while because I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to be strong enough to pass on this purchase. I didn’t want to say I was passing on a purchase and end up buying it anyway. Fortunately for me, I did resist and instead of buying the Sonia G Cheek Pro Brush, I decided to revisit my severely neglected Bobbi Brown blush brush.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush Natural Hair
Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, $62

I’ve been pushing the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush** around my collection for years now. It is a beautiful brush and it works well, I just don’t like using it as much as my other brushes. It is somewhat of a paddle style, but it manages to simultaneously be fluffier and denser than other brushes. I do find it useful for hard to blend blushes, it can somehow really push the pigment around and blend it out without disturbing my foundation. Although that is impressive, I would just rather get rid of hard to blend blushes.

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Lancome Makeup Round-Up

Lancome 435 bisque w, canyon eyeshadow, gold lame eyeshadow, 25 brush, dual finish highlighter dazzling bronze swatches

Although this isn’t an exhaustive round-up of the entire brand, I wanted to talk about the current products that I own from Lancome before I let them go.  This is a great brand that I can truly show appreciation for, but I’ve just come to realize that it’s not for me.  I always have a good experience using their products and I’m always able to find items that suit my skin tone.  But on the downside, I’m continually disappointed by the packaging when considering the price I paid.  That is saying a lot considering I never pay full price for Lancome, and I still come away feeling like I overpaid.  As a military spouse, I can get Lancome products for 15% off and I don’t have to pay tax.  The products I’ve tried just feel lighter and cheaper than brands in a comparable price range like NARS and Bobbi Brown. 

Cheek & Contour Brush #25, $40 (discontinued 2021)

Lancome cheek and contour brush 25 review
Lancome cheek and contour brush, #25
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Smashbox Brushes Review

Smashbox Brushes Review (blurring foundation, buildable cheek, precise blush, full coverage shadow)

I have wanted to do a review on these brushes for a long time, but I always felt like I didn’t have enough to say about them. Then I decided to review them anyway, however concise so more people will know about these underrated brushes.

Long story short: I feel like they give me the results of my natural hair brushes, but their synthetic fibers make caring for them a breeze. They are high quality with a price to match, but they are not prone to breaking, shedding, or becoming misshapen.

Smashbox Brushes Review (sheer powder, blurring foundation, angled blush, buildable cheek, precise blush, cream cheek)
Smashbox Brushes

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Unlike natural hair brushes, you can wash them as often as you want without causing damage. I have found that they come clean easily (slight staining on the white-tipped style) and bounce back to their original shapes after washing. Smashbox** runs sales often, so if you are interested in any of these, I’d suggest signing up for their loyalty program. I believe joining the loyalty program gives you a 15% off code, but if you are patient, the brand definitely runs better sales than that. Macy’s also sells these brushes** and they are often included in 50% off promotions as well as their regular 15% off sales.

Again, although they are pricey for synthetic bristles, I have found them to be workhorse products. I’ve been using the blurring foundation, precise cheek, and buildable cheek brushes for about two and a half years without any issues. As I share the brushes, I will let you know if I have an affordable favorite that I use as an alternative.

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Buy High/Buy Low: Blush Brushes for Sheer Application

Smashbox Buildable Cheek Brush and Real Techniques Blush Brush
Smashbox Buildable Cheek Brush and Real Techniques Blush Brush

What can I say?  In my opinion, these brushes just work.  Maybe you are someone that has been intimidated by blush.  Or you’ve given up on blush because you always apply too much.  You may also just like more subtle makeup.  No matter the reason, you may want to give one of these two brushes a try for achieving a light application of blush.

If you are not new to makeup, this information may be common knowledge to you.  But keep in mind, there are new people just getting started with makeup all the time.

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Buy High/Buy Low: Foundation Buffing Brush

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Buy High: Smashbox Blurring Foundation Brush, $32.00**

Buy Low: e.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush, $6.00**

elf ultimate blending brush vs smashbox blurring foundation brush, dupe, alternative
Smashbox Blurring Foundation Brush vs elf Ultimate Blending Brush

Both of these brushes work well for those that like to apply foundation in a buffing motion.  They can also be used to stipple for more coverage when needed. I truly feel like I can get the same results from both of these brushes.  The biggest application difference is coverage level.  The e.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush** has a shorter handle and the closer your hand is to your face, the more pressure you use.  This translates to heavier coverage.  If you are aware of that you can be careful to use less product and that will lessen the coverage you get.  If you like higher coverage that won’t be an issue.  The Smashbox Blurring Foundation Brush** gives you more flexibility in coverage simply because you’ll naturally hold the brush further down because the handle is longer.  The Smashbox brush also has markings on the handle that indicates where to hold the brush depending on the coverage level you want.

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