Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Concealer N385

Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Concealer N385 Swatch Medium Dark Skin

Fragrance added to makeup is pretty standard with a luxury brand like Givenchy. So, imagine my surprise when I looked at the ingredients for the new Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Concealer and there was no fragrance listed. That made me excited to give this concealer a try because I have sensitive skin so I avoid fragrance in my products as much as possible. I’ve only used this a few times but I wanted to go ahead and share a swatch of the shade N385 and my thoughts.

To cut to the chase, this is a great formula if you are looking for a medium coverage concealer (which is what the Sephora website states) with a radiant finish. The actual box packaging claims that it is medium to high buildable coverage. While I do think that it is buildable, on me, building it up causes it to crease in an unflattering way. I’ve mentioned this before, but I should probably repeat it whenever I’m talking about creasing. Everything will settle into lines to some extent, that’s just what happens. But when the product collects in my lines so much that from a distance it looks like stripes, that’s what I call creasing in an unflattering way. If you don’t have a lot of issues with creasing, you might be able to build this to full high-medium coverage.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Concealer N385 Swatch Medium Dark Skin

Without setting this with powder, it didn’t crease until after about 4 hours of wear and that is impressive to me. When I did set it with powder, it creased in about 2 hours. It still looked nice and not dry, but since it doesn’t crease much when unset, to me, there is no need to set it. If you are new here, I have dry skin, so your mileage will likely vary with the setting powder needs. The brand claims that this is hydrating and I don’t know that I’d call it hydrating. It does look hydrated, but I just don’t get the feeling of extra hydration being added to my skin. Again, keep in mind, I am dry. This isn’t as radiant as something like the Armani Luminous Silk Concealer, but it is radiant enough to be less perfecting (smoothing/blurring) than a more matte formula would be. That isn’t a bad thing and a lot of people like a radiant finish, it’s just something to keep in mind.

So getting back to the fragrance that I mentioned earlier. While the brand did omit an added “parfum,” there is actually a synthetic fragrance in this formula (ethylene brassylate).

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Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet Lipstick – 37 Rouge Graine

This is only the second lip product I’ve ever tried from Givenchy and I must say yet again, I like it. If you are curious, the other formula I tried was the Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm that I reviewed back in 2020. I purchased this from Givenchy’s Holiday 2021 release so my case is a limited edition version in black velvet casing with a gold tube. However, the lipstick shade is part of their permanent lineup and typically comes in red velvet casing with a silver tube.

Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet 37 Rouge Graine Swatch Medium Dark Olive Skin
Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet 37 Rouge Graine

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Givenchy Deep Velvet Lipstick – 37 Rouge Graine, $38.00**

37 Rouge Graine is described as a deep garnet red.

Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet 37 Rouge Graine Swatch Medium Dark Olive Skin
Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet 37 Rouge Graine

Available at Sephora** and Nordstrom.**

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Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm Review

Givenchy has turned its iconic lip balm into a liquid gloss formula.  I think that if you read the description from Sephora and that is what has piqued your interest, you will likely be disappointed and feel that this lip gloss claims to be a balm.  However, according to the description on Saks, it is actually called a liquid gloss formula.  I purchased the shade 14 Nude Soul**.

Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm, $36.00**

Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm 14 Nude Soul Swatch

This balm starts off as a lip gloss, but as it wears away it feels more like a balm.  On my lips, the color is a light pink.  It has a slight scent that doesn’t linger for very long.  Surprisingly, it does hang around through drinking and eating for 2 to 3 hours and I still feel like there is a balm on my lips even a little while after that.   I can also feel that it did help my chapped lips after just one day of wearing it.  I also feel like my lips feel softer and smoother after I use it.  It does have a tingle at the start of wear thanks to pink pepper that is supposed to plump the lips.  If you’ve ever used a gloss or lipstick with peppermint oil in it, then this will feel similar to you.  I didn’t notice any plumping effect from the tingle and it goes away fairly quickly.  I really like this and do feel it performs a lip balm function but with a nice sheen on the lips and gives a hint of color.

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