The Wanderlust List #2 (Uoma Black Magic Poise Palette)

The Wanderlust list is about pausing before buying something new to see if you have a product that already fits that “need.” If you missed the first post in my Wanderlust List series you can also check that out for my alternatives to the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette.


Uoma Beauty is a newer brand to the makeup market that seems to be getting nothing but praise. I can ignore most of the excitement, but the Uoma Beauty Black Magic Palette in the shade Poise keeps creeping back onto my wish list.

I have some shades from Make Up For Ever (MUFE) that can give me a similar look and vibe. These shades are alternatives (rather than dupes) that I’d be happy to use instead of spending $44.00 on a new palette. Since I’ve never seen this palette in person, I can’t speak to how similar or different my alternatives are in quality and texture. But, I can tell you that MUFE eyeshadows are great quality for those that like an eyeshadow formula that is pressed firmly in the pan.

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Juvia’s Place The Nubian 3 Coral Palette (Swatches and Color Combinations)

The Nubian 3 Palette by Juvia’s Place is a little underrated in my opinion.  In a time when so many people are complaining that makeup releases are all looking the same, I do not think this palette got enough shine when it was released.

Juvia's Place The Nubian 3 Coral Palette swatches on medium dark skin

When it was first released I feel like there were some criticisms about the color story not being coral enough.  Every color exists on a spectrum of the shades mixed to create them.  So for instance coral is a color that falls in between red and orange.  So with orange being a mixture of yellow and red, every coral created is going to have different amounts of yellow, orange, and red present in the mixture.  What that means, is that some corals are going to have more of an orange tone to them because they have more yellow and others are going to be pinker in tone, because they have more of the primary red pigment.

Keep reading for the swatches and some color combinations.

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